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Agilent Technologies Inc.
Capital Goods Electrical Products
Approx. Mkt Cap: 40.52 B
Tagged Cases: 2
Alcoa Corporation
Basic Industries Metal Fabrications
Approx. Mkt Cap: 14.02 B
Tagged Cases: 1
Ares Acquisition Corporation
Finance Business Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 1.22 B
Tagged Cases: 0
ATA Creativity Global
Miscellaneous Service to the Health Industry
Approx. Mkt Cap: 40.79 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Armada Acquisition Corp. I
Approx. Mkt Cap: 203.89 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Aadi Bioscience Inc.
Health Care Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Preparations
Approx. Mkt Cap: 375.67 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Arlington Asset Investment Corp
Consumer Services Real Estate Investment Trusts
Approx. Mkt Cap: 107.88 M
Tagged Cases: 0
American Airlines Group Inc.
Transportation Air Freight/Delivery Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 10.69 B
Tagged Cases: 5
Atlantic American Corporation
Finance Life Insurance
Approx. Mkt Cap: 48.70 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Aarons Holdings Company Inc.
Miscellaneous Diversified Commercial Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 696.08 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Applied Optoelectronics Inc.
Technology Semiconductors
Approx. Mkt Cap: 90.23 M
Tagged Cases: 1
Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.98 B
Tagged Cases: 2
Advance Auto Parts Inc.
Consumer Services Other Specialty Stores
Approx. Mkt Cap: 12.68 B
Tagged Cases: 6
Apple Inc.
Technology Computer Manufacturing
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.77 T
Tagged Cases: 78
Accelerate Acquisition Corp.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 486.00 M
Tagged Cases: 0
American Assets Trust Inc.
Consumer Services Real Estate Investment Trusts
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.20 B
Tagged Cases: 0
Autoscope Technologies Corporation
Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
Approx. Mkt Cap: 34.92 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Almaden Minerals Ltd.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 44.60 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings
Transportation Transportation Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.45 B
Tagged Cases: 0
AllianceBernstein Holding L.P.
Finance Investment Managers
Approx. Mkt Cap: 4.42 B
Tagged Cases: 0