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Newegg Commerce Inc.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.24 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Bit Brother Limited
Approx. Mkt Cap: 2.55 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Powerbridge Technologies Co. Ltd.
Technology EDP Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 3.03 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Farmmi Inc.
Consumer Non-Durables Packaged Foods
Approx. Mkt Cap: 3.17 M
Tagged Cases: 0
China SXT Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Health Care Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Preparations
Approx. Mkt Cap: 3.93 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Muscle Maker Inc.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 4.15 M
Tagged Cases: 0
AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd.
Health Care Medical Specialities
Approx. Mkt Cap: 5.20 M
Tagged Cases: 0
JX Luxventure Limited
Consumer Non-Durables Apparel
Approx. Mkt Cap: 5.49 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Xenetic Biosciences Inc.
Health Care Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Preparations
Approx. Mkt Cap: 5.79 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Games & Esports Experience Acquisition Corp.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.24 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Liquid Media Group Ltd.
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.34 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Regional Health Properties Inc.
Health Care Hospital/Nursing Management
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.43 M
Tagged Cases: 1
Yunhong CTI Ltd.
Miscellaneous Diversified Commercial Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.59 M
Tagged Cases: 1
Recon Technology Ltd.
Energy Oilfield Services/Equipment
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.89 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Hudson Capital Inc.
Consumer Services Professional Services
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.91 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Performance Shipping Inc.
Transportation Marine Transportation
Approx. Mkt Cap: 6.95 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited
Capital Goods Building Products
Approx. Mkt Cap: 7.06 M
Tagged Cases: 0
ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc.
Capital Goods Medical Specialities
Approx. Mkt Cap: 7.15 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.
Technology Radio And Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment
Approx. Mkt Cap: 7.56 M
Tagged Cases: 0
Shineco Inc.
Consumer Durables Specialty Chemicals
Approx. Mkt Cap: 7.65 M
Tagged Cases: 0