PacerDash streamlines your access to PACER dockets and filings. Here are some tools to help you get started.

Free PACER Case Locator

Locate a PACER docket by index number, jurisdiction, filing date, case title, company name, and other criteria.

Public Company Litigation & Bankruptcies

Browse lawsuits and bankruptcies involving publicly traded companies. Search by stock ticker or company name.

Free Documents

View filings and opinions from newsworthy cases, provided to the public free of charge.

PACER Network Status

Our PACER network status tool shows you which courts we cover and gives you an overview of the current network health of the PACER system. Data is updated every minute.

Subscribers Only

Locate cases by index number

Locate a specific case by index number. Searches our local database and also pulls in real-time data from PACER.

Subscribers Only

Automated Docket Tracking

PacerDash automatically monitors every case in your dashboard, and sends you an alert whenver there is new activity. Subscribers can instantly access the full docket sheet and all PDF filings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which courts are covered? What fees are included? How does PACER data import work? View our FAQ page to learn more.

How to locate a PACER docket by index number

An overview on how to find a docket using the case index number. We decode the numbers and letters that comprise docket index numbers.

Who we help

Our subscribers include law firms, hedge funds, journalists, and others. View customer profiles and learn how PacerDash can help your specific use case.

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