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Keeping your practice groups informed has never been easier

“For federal dockets, the app lets me 'set it and forget it'. Before, I would log into each PACER site one by one. It's been such a time saver. I don't know what I would do without it.”

Bernadette, Law Firm Librarian

Whether you're tracking one case or hundreds, PacerDash provides a streamlined way to get case alerts and retrieve filings.

How not to track dockets

Here's a real story:

One of our clients, the law librarian at a mid-size law firm, told us she was tracking over 50 dockets for her firm's bankruptcy practice.

She manually tracked the cases on a spreadsheet. She would log into PACER every couple of days and individually check every docket. If there were new filings, she would download them and email them to individual attorneys. Then she would manually update the spreadsheet to mark the last time it was checked.

Since cases were spread across multiple jurisdictions, this required going to multiple different court server every time. And, as regular users of PACER know, there is no way to save prior searches or bookmark cases. So every docket check required an additional query to lookup the case. And each docket check incurred additional PACER fees.

She estimated this task took 20 hours, plus several hundred dollars in court fees, every month.

PacerDash will save you time and money

If this workflow sounds familiar, stop what you're doing and give us a try.

PacerDash is a dead simple way to automate the time-consuming (and soul-crushing) task of manually checking PACER dockets. It's fast, easy, and no training is required.

  • Quickly find and add PACER dockets to your dashboard.
  • Our software will automatically monitor every case for new activity.
  • When we detect new activity, you'll get an email alert. Or, if you prefer, get a digest of new activity.
  • All court fees associated with docket tracking are built into our subscription pricing. Pay extra only for purchased PDF filings.
  • No need to log into PACER, ever.

Subscribe for priority support and white glove setup! That means you can just send us a spreadsheet of cases, and we'll import everything into your dashboard for you.