Download court filings without a PACER account

“I am a non-lawyer using PacerDash to follow a case in which I have an interest. PacerDash allowed me to track the case and read every filing so I was up-to-speed on the case progress. As it turned out, the case was appealed and PacerDash support helped me to find the new case and track it in its new jurisdiction. Now I can follow the case while it works its way through the appeal process as well. The PacerDash interface was upgraded to make it easier for me to decide which filings I wished to download and to navigate the case.”

Mike Burns,

Our tool is a fast and easy way for individuals to access to public court records.

Found a court case you want to track? PacerDash lets individuals download court filings without the need to register with the federal government.

  • Our Starter Plan includes single case access for just $49/month.
  • We'll automatically track the docket and send you an email alert whenever there is new activity.
  • No long-term commitment, cancel anytime.

Our coverage includes all federal district and bankruptcy courts.