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“PacerDash has become an essential tool in our practice. It saves us time and money, and helps us deliver better results to our clients. Most importantly, our attorneys love it.”

David Kim, Partner at Parsus Law

Give attorneys faster and smarter access to federal court filings. We help law firms of all sizes, from solo practices to big firms.

It's not enough to rely on support staff for docket retrieval

Many attorneys do not receive training on PACER. It's an obtuse system and a task better suited for specialized support staff.

But filings can hit the docket at any time. If it's late at night, or a deadline is looming, waiting for a paralegal to retrieve the document is not an option.

With PacerDash, attorneys can quickly pull any filing from their dockets. It's simple, intuitive, and doesn't require any specialized training.

This means quicker turnaround on motions, more thoroughly researched briefs, and better client service.

PACER is an overlooked research source

When writing a brief, most lawyers start by looking at established case law.

Less common, but sometimes even more useful: Briefs filed in other cases.

Looking at existing legal memoranda can be an efficient starting point when researching a new or unfamiliar legal area. They can provide existing citations that can cut down on your research bill and an overview of jurisdiction-specific standards.

Case law research services like LexisNexis and WestLaw do NOT contain a comprehensive database of filed legal briefs. You MUST get these documents directly from the court docket. PacerDash gives you powerful access to this valuable source of research.

Deliver better results

From case law research to e-discovery, new legal technologies are helping attorneys work smarter and faster.

If your firm isn't using a PACER automation tool, you are wasting valuable resources.

From the start, we've built PacerDash with feedback from attorneys at firms of all sizes. And we're proud to say that we've improved attorney satisfaction at every firm that uses our application.