Federal dockets, fast and easy.

PacerDash gives you real-time access to millions of cases.

Streamlined Access to PACER

Lightning fast case search

Locating dockets has never been easier. Run index number queries across multiple PACER courts simultaneously. Search our local case database by title keyword, filing date, and other criteria.

“I used to waste so much time running the same searches on PACER over and over again. PacerDash has eliminated this terrible time sink from my practice.”

Julian, solo practitioner
Inbox user interface

Instantly import dockets and filings

After locating a case, save it to your dashboard. We'll import the full docket and keep it synced. You can quickly search, sort, and filter through the entire docket sheet.

Need a filing? Instantly retrieve documents using document credits. All purchased PDFs remain saved in your account for quick and easy access from any device.

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Our technology

The most advanced docket tracking tool on the market

We've spent years building the most sophisticated and reliable docket tracking platform on the market. We use enterprise-grade servers, 24/7 polling, and multiple data sources — allowing us to deliver alerts with the lowest possible latency.

95,000+ daily docket events processed by our software.

10 years of reliable service provided by our company.

3.5 million cases indexed in our case database, growing every minute.

5,000+ weekly docket alerts delivered to our subscribers.

Automated tracking and alerts

Stay on top of your cases

You no longer need to manually check PACER for docket updates. Our systems will automatically monitor every case in your dashboard. When we detect new activity, you'll get an email notification containing the docket entry text. Alerts can go out mere minutes after anything new hits the docket, depending on your plan and network conditions.

“We are currently monitoring over 60 dockets for our various practice groups. It's a breeze thanks to PacerDash.”

Jamie, Litigation Support Specialist

Work smarter and faster

Get customized alert notifications, priority support, white glove setup, and a host of powerful features to work faster and smarter.

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