Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions. If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask us directly.


PacerDash is a cloud-based provider of real time federal court data, allowing you to track and access dockets without the cost and complexity of accessing PACER directly. PacerDash manages the technical details of docket monitoring, connecting to over 190 court servers and intelligently monitoring cases for new activity.
Anyone who needs faster and smarter access to federal litigation and bankruptcy dockets. Our clients include: Lawyers and law firms, law librarians, individual investors and day traders, hedge funds, restructuring professionals, special situations investors, distressed debt investors, academics, journalists, media organizations, and advocacy organizations.
All federal courts at the district level, including bankruptcy courts. For a full list of courts we cover, click here. We do not currently cover federal appellate courts, PTAB, or state courts.

Docket Access and Tracking

The case limit is the maximum number of cases you can simultaneously access and track. You may freely add and remove cases from your dashboard at any time.
The full docket sheet and party and attorney information. The court fees associated with pulling docket data is included in your plan's base price. Individual PDF filings and orders are not included. Those must be purchased separately using document credits.
We automatically monitor every docket in your plan and send you an email whenever new activity is detected. Our custom-built software is hosted on an enterprise-grade, scalable infrastruture in the cloud. We run hundreds of background processes every hour, and process data about thousands of new filings every day. To date, we've handled over 50 million docket activity items.
We define latency as the lag between when an item hits the docket and when our system detects it. Depending on the court, jurisdiction, and type of filing, normal latency can vary between minutes to up to an hour. In most cases, normal latency is around 30 minutes. For clients who require faster alerting, we have developed an intelligent polling algorithm that signficantly lowers maximum acceptable latency. This service is currently available to our Business Plan subscribers. Note that our low latency tracking is a best effort service and not a guarantee of timeliness. Latency can be affected by a number of factors beyond our control, including but not limited to court outages, filing errors by attorneys and court clerks, and other system failures. Low latency services are subject to additional disclaimers set forth in our Terms of Service.
For law librarians, paralegals, and others tracking a large number of cases, we can streamline the entire setup process. Just email or call us with a list of cases. We'll handle importing every case to your dashboard with your custom notification preferences.

Documents and Filings

Any publicly filed document on the docket can be accessed through PacerDash. But documents are not included in your plan's base subscription fee. Instead, you must purchase documents individually using document credits.
Document credits are used to purchase documents for any of the cases you are tracking. They can be purchased at any time, and will never expire so long as your subscription remains active. Professional and Business subscribers can purchase credits at a discount.

Billing and Support

Sign up is fast, easy, and instant. Select a plan and follow the steps to get started. A valid U.S. credit card is required. All payment transactions are securely handled by Stripe.
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