Free PACER Case Locator

Use this tool to search our nationwide index of federal court cases, including federal bankruptcy and district court dockets. You can locate case information and get links to the court docket on PACER. This tool is free and is a convenient way to quickly locate a PACER docket while avoiding a fee-incurring charge to PACER.

Locate a PACER docket

You can search by case title, index number, filing date, and more.

This tool searches our index of millions of PACER cases. Our index is updated in real-time, and we import dockets from a variety of sources, including court RSS feeds and data partners. Although our index of PACER cases is vast, this tool is not intended to replace the full version of the PACER Case Locator (PCL) available through the U.S. Office of Administrative Courts. If you cannot locate your case using this tool, you may need to access PACER directly.

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