Make your own schedule

When we sat down to design our docket tracking engine we knew that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't cut it. Some users needed up-to-the-minute alerts while others needed to keep an eye on relatively dormant cases. Moreover, checking a PACER docket incurs a charge (typically $.10 - $1.00) per request. So we gave users maximum control over when, and how often, these checks are made.

Here's the new scheduling interface:

You can now schedule docket checks as frequently as every 15 minutes, but most users will want just a daily or weekly check at predefined time(s).

On the backend, this is made possible by creating dynamic, user-defined cron expressions on a per-docket basis. To handle our complex background job processing, we're leveraging Sidekiq Enterprise, a leading job processing platform trusted by hundreds of companies.

Some tips when scheduling jobs:

- All times are in Eastern Time (either EDT or EST, depending on the current date).
- Attorneys will often e-file briefs right before midnight on a filing deadline, so a good time to schedule your checks is 12:15am (adjusted for the court's local time zone).
- You will receive an email notification only if new items are detected.
- We save the raw HTML for every docket check we make (whether or not new items are detected). You can view these saved pages under "Docket Report Log."