We provide custom docket and case tracking solutions for law firms, research librarians, and other organizations.

  • We can create a custom plan for any number of dockets.
  • Leverage our intelligent tracking algorithm which can drastically minimize fees while achieving near real-time reporting.
  • Email alerts can be sent to any number of recipients. You can also customize recipients on a docket-by-docket basis.

We'll analyze your docket list and provide a flat price for the entire slate.

To prepare a price, we analyze a variety of factors, including the number of dockets, tracking frequency, case type, jurisdiction, court activity feeds, case activity level, and docket size.

Example rates are provided below for reference. Actual rates will vary for individual dockets based on the factors mentioned above. Generally, bankruptcy dockets cost more than civil dockets.

Docket Pricing Examples
Prices are per-docket, per-month. Provided for illustrative purposes only.

Case TypeMonthly Tracking Cost
Dormant case, less than 2 docket events per monthDaily/intraday monitoring from $2.50.
Low activity case, less than 15 docket events per monthDaily/intraday monitoring from $6.50.
Active case, 5-10 docket events per weekIntraday monitoring from $12.00. Daily from $6.50. Weekly from $4.00.
Highly active case. Multiple docket events each day. Hundreds of parties.Intraday varies widely. Daily from $30. Weekly from $15.

Our tracking fees are inclusive of PACER fees for docket updates, but do not include the cost of underlying PDFs. We can handle automated purchase and delivery of PDF filings to your distribution list for an additional fee.

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If you send us the approximate number of dockets and case types, we can provide a ballpark estimate. But we will eventually need a specific list of cases (with index numbers) before generating a final quote.