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We provide news and research about federal litigation and bankruptcy cases.

Our systems continually monitor over 190 federal courts and process thousands of docket events every day.

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  • Real-time PACER Dashboard
    Supercharged access to PACER dockets and filings. No subscription, pay-as-you-go. Create an account instantly.
  • Bulk Docket Tracking
    Track several or hundreds of dockets at a competitive price. Customized plans for law firms and librarians.
  • Investment Intelligence
    Litigation and bankruptcy alerts by ticker, company, or event. We create custom research solutions for investors, hedge funds, and financial analysts.

Who We Help

Law Firms

Streamline docket management. Lower your PACER fees, research more effectively, and deliver better client service.

General Counsel

Gain a bird’s-eye view of every case in every jurisdiction. Reduce your reliance on outside counsel and lower your litigation costs.

Media Organizations

Research faster with breaking alerts. A convenient way to share primary source documents internally and with your readers.


Legal events can move markets. Gain an edge with hard-to-obtain data on public and private companies, distressed situations, and arbitrage opportunities.


Conduct better diligence on debtors with streamlined access to personal and corporate bankruptcy filings.


Access billions of pages of unindexed pleadings, rulings, briefs, and transcripts.

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Trending Cases
Suit: Generic Drug Makers Used Code To Fix Price Increases · 1 day ago

Jun 25, 2019 00:00:00 EDT - The lawsuit says the representatives used phrases like "playing nice in the sandbox" and "fluff pricing" in emails to one another.

Connecticut et al v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., 3:19-cv-00710, D. Conn.

FedEx Sues Commerce Department Over Restrictions on Huawei · 2 days ago

Jun 24, 2019 21:46:00 EDT - FedEx filed a lawsuit to stop the U.S. government from requiring the package giant to enforce a crackdown on the Chinese telecommunications-gear maker.


JetBlue sues Walmart for trademark infringement over Jetblack service · 2 days ago

Jun 24, 2019 10:58:13 EDT - JetBlue Airways Corp has sued Walmart Inc for trademark infringement, in an effo...

JetBlue Airways Corporation v. Inc. et al, 1:19-cv-05879, S.D.N.Y.