Fast and Easy PACER Docket Tracking

PacerDash gives you streamlined access to federal court filings.

Trusted by legal, finance, and media professionals.

Real-time access to millions of dockets.
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Streamlined access to federal court dockets

Search millions of cases across 190+ federal district and bankruptcy courts.

  • Find cases and save them into your dashboard.
  • Locate new cases minutes after they are opened.
  • No need to access PACER directly.
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Instantly download dockets and filings

One-click access to every filing, brief, order, transcript, and opinion. Our web app is fully mobile responsive and looks great on any device.

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Automated Docket Tracking

We'll automatically monitor every case in your dashboard.

  • Get an email alert whenever new activity hits the docket.
  • Customizable notification preferences, including daily and weekly digests.
  • Access filings directly from the app, using any device.
  • Low latency tracking available with larger plans.
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The most reliable docket tracking tool on the market

Our systems leverage enterprise-grade servers, 24/7 polling, and multiple data sources — allowing us to deliver alerts with the lowest possible latency.

3+ million

indexed cases and filings


data events parsed daily


dockets alerts delivered weekly

Who we help

We supply critical data and research to a diverse set of clients within the fields of law, finance, and media.

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Save time and money, and deliver superior work product
  • Law Firms
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Solo Practitioners
  • Law Librarians
  • Law Schools
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Access market-moving research and diligence
  • Hedge Funds
  • Individual Investors
  • Special Situations Investors
  • Distressed Debt Investors
  • Restructuring Professionals
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Media and Research
Monitor newsworthy litigation and bankruptcies
  • Journalists
  • Media Organizations
  • Bloggers
  • Researchers
  • Lobbying Firms
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“ PacerDash is a fast and easy way to track litigation dockets. It saves time and money, and lets us to deliver better results to clients. It's become an essential tool in our practice. ”
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Tracking millions of cases and docket events, with 5+ years of reliable service, PacerDash provides subscribers with time-saving alerts and unique research insights every day.

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Fast and easy access for individuals
  • Track 2 Dockets
  • Automated activity alerts
  • Full docket access
  • Download filings instantly
  • Instant access



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7 Day Free Trial

Advanced tools for professionals
  • Track 20 Dockets
  • Everything in Standard
  • Advanced case searches
  • Customizeable alert preferences



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Low latency tracking for investors & traders
  • Track 50 Dockets
  • Everything in Standard
  • Advanced case searches
  • Customizeable alert preferences
  • Discounted document credits
  • Low latency tracking



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7 Day Free Trial

Scalable solution for firms & institutions
  • Track 200 Dockets
  • Everything in Standard
  • Advanced case searches
  • Customizeable alert preferences
  • Discounted document credits
  • Low latency tracking
  • White glove setup
  • Priority Support
  • Expandable for additional seats and cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which courts and jurisdiction are covered?

All federal courts at the district level, including bankruptcy courts. See the full list here. As of yet, we do not provide coverage for any federal appellate, PTAB, or state courts.

What are case limits?

The case limit is the maximum number of cases you can simultaneously access and track. You may freely add and remove cases from your dashboard at any time.

Are PACER fees included?

All PACER fees related to docket updates (including tracking and monitoring) are included in your plans subscription. Individual filings (PDFs) may be purchased through our application using document credits.

How do get started?

Sign up is fast, easy, and instant. Select a plan and follow the steps to get started. A valid U.S. credit card is required. All payments are securely handled by Stripe.

See the full FAQ

Save time and money by streamlining your PACER workflow.