Finding the index number

To locate a docket on PacerDash, you need the case index number.

Some users have asked us to integrate with PACER's excellent Case Locator ("PCL"), which supports searching by case title, party name, and other advanced criteria. We've resisted doing so because we'd just be replicating existing functionality. We'd rather spend the resources on creating value additive features.

Therefore, if you want to import a docket into PacerDash, but do not know the case index number, we recommend that you first query the PCL to obtain that index number. It's an extra step, but not a time consuming one.

If the docket is newsworthy, you can sometimes use Google search (or Google news search). Try querying the case title plus "case no cv" (or "case no bk" for bankruptcy cases). If you know the year the case was filed, you can prepend the year. For example, searching Google for "at&t 17-cv", will yield the index number for U.S. v. AT&T Inc., No. 17-cv-2511 (D.D.C.)