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Smith et al v. FedEx Corporation et al, No. 3:05-cv-00600 (N.D. Ind.)
Case Title: Smith et al v. FedEx Corporation et al
Case Type: Civil Case
Court: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana
Index Number(s): 3:2005cv600, 3:05-cv-00600, 3:05-cv-00600-RLM-MGG
Nature of Suit: Labor: Other
Judge: Robert L Miller, Jr
Magistrate Judge: Michael G Gotsch, Sr
Case Opened: September 20, 2005
Case Closed December 15, 2010
Docket Entries
Date Filed Dkt # Entry Text
Sep 27, 2005 4 OPINION AND ORDER denying any pending motion to stay and/or motion for enlargement of time in anticipation of the upcoming scheduling conference. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 9/27/05. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RL M-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00536-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3: 05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dec 20, 2005 13 OPINION AND ORDER : On December 9, 2005 the court gave notice to the parties of its proposal to close 3:05cv720 as an identical case to 3:05cv668. Ten days has passed without objection so the court now orders 3:05cv720 closed. This order has no impa ct on the legal rights of any party involved.. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 12/20/05. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05 -cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00536-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-0059 3-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00653-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00665-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Sep 6, 2006 27 OPINION AND ORDER denying 306 Motion to Compel . Signed by Judge Christopher A Nuechterlein on 9/6/06. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM -CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:0 5-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00796-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00209-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00269-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00337-RLM,3:06-cv-00393-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00428-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00429-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dec 14, 2006 43 OPINION AND ORDER: Defendant's objection to the Magistrate Judge's ruling 369 is SUSTAINED IN PART and the Defendants' motion to compel 306 is GRANTED IN PART.. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 12/14/06. Associated Cases: 3: 05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00 538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM- CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00796-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00209-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00269-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00337-RLM,3:06-cv-00393-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00428-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00429-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00801-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00802-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Jul 11, 2008 132 OPINION AND ORDER granting (1151) Motion for Reconsideration re: the Court's 1119 Order of 3/25/08 and DENYING Tennessee plaintiffs' 599 Motion for Class Certification under the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act in case 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 7/11/08. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN, 3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN(ksc)
Feb 17, 2010 168 ORDER granting (1699) Motion to Certify Class to the Tennessee plaintiffs as set forth in the court's 3/25/08 order 1119 . Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 2/17/10. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN, 3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN(sdf)
May 1, 2017 227 OPINION AND ORDER: The court OVERRULES Kevin Pattersons objection to the proposed settlement in 3:05cv600, Doc. 218 ; GRANTS IN PART the plaintiffs unopposed 2883 motion for final approval of the Tennessee class action settlement calling for payme nt of $12,250,000 to the plaintiffs; GRANTS IN PART the plaintiffs 2827 motion for attorneys fees and costs; and DISMISSES with prejudice this action, with each party to bear its own costs andattorneys fees, except as provided in the order. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 5/1/2017. (dk)
May 7, 2018 236 Main Document
MDL Order (BLUE)
Apr 26, 2019 237 Main Document

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