Rich International Airways, Inc., No. 96-bk-17399 (Bankr. S.D. Fla.)
Case Title: Rich International Airways, Inc.
Case Type: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Court: U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida
Index Number(s): 1996bk17399, 96-bk-17399, 96-17399-RAM
Judge: Robert A Mark
Case Opened: November 18, 1996
Case Closed October 30, 2008
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Docket Entries
Date Filed Dkt # Entry Text
Jan 23, 2021 Main Document
Receipt of Filing Fee (OTC auto)
Jan 25, 2021 1726 Main Document
Transfer/Assignment of Claim
Jan 26, 2021 1727 Main Document
Notice of Transfer of Claim
Jan 29, 2021 1728 Main Document
BNC Certificate of Mailing
Feb 16, 2021 1729 Main Document
Withdraw/Pay Unclaimed Funds
Feb 17, 2021 1730 Main Document
Withdraw/Pay Unclaimed Funds Order

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