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Mazzocchi v. Windsor Owners Corp. et al, No. 1:11-cv-07913 (S.D.N.Y.)
Case Title: Mazzocchi v. Windsor Owners Corp. et al
Case Type: Civil Case
Court: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Index Number(s): 1:2011cv7913, 1:11-cv-07913, 1:11-cv-07913-RA-SDA
Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Other
Judge: Ronnie Abrams
Magistrate Judge: Stewart D. Aaron
Case Opened: November 4, 2011
Docket Entries
Date Filed Dkt # Entry Text
Feb 26, 2013 42 ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Leonard B. Sand from Deborah B. Koplovitz dated 2/22/2013 re: This firm represents all fifteen Defendants in the-above captioned case. We write to Your Honor to respectfully request an enlargement of our opening mem orandum of law which will be submitted in support of an upcoming pre-answer motion to dismiss the Amended Complaint. ENDORSEMENT: So Ordered. Accordingly, we therefore write to respectfully request enlargement of the opening brief to 35 pages, not including the table of contents and authorities. (Signed by Judge Leonard B. Sand on 2/26/2013) (djc)
Aug 31, 2016 188 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER re: 140 MOTION for Summary Judgment, 153 MOTION to Preclude Plaintiff from offering witnesses who have not been disclosed and to preclude expert testimony, MOTION to Strike Plaintiff's Expert Report. For the foregoing reasons, the motion to strike is GRANTED, and the motion for summary judgment is GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. The Clerk of Court is directed to terminate the motions at ECF Nos. 140 and 153. SO ORDERED. (As further set forth in this Order.) (Signed by Judge Analisa Torres on 8/31/2016) (kko) (Entered: 08/31/2016)
Aug 31, 2016 189 AMENDED ORDER REFERRING CASE TO MAGISTRATE JUDGE. Order that case be referred to the Clerk of Court for assignment to a Magistrate Judge for General Pretrial (includes scheduling, discovery, non-dispositive pretrial motions, and settlement). Referred to Magistrate Judge Ronald L. Ellis. (Signed by Judge Lorna G. Schofield on 8/31/2016) (kko) (Entered: 08/31/2016)
May 5, 2017 205 OPINION AND ORDER: At this point, more than two years after the close of discovery, the time to raise disputes is long gone and Plaintiff has not shown good cause for reopening discovery. Plaintiff's requests to compel and reopen discovery are DENIED. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Magistrate Judge Ronald L. Ellis on 5/5/2017) (anc)
May 23, 2018 225 Main Document
Jun 1, 2018 226 Main Document
Jun 4, 2018 227 Main Document
Jun 4, 2018 228 Main Document
Notice of Filing Transcript
Jun 4, 2018 229 Main Document
May 28, 2019 230 Main Document
Jun 11, 2019 233 Main Document
Jun 11, 2019 234 Main Document
Notice of Filing Transcript
Jun 21, 2019 235 Main Document
Jun 21, 2019 236 Main Document
Response in Opposition to Motion
Jun 26, 2019 237 Main Document
Jun 27, 2019 238 Main Document
Extension of Time to File Response/Reply
Jun 27, 2019 239 Main Document
Order on Motion for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply
Jun 28, 2019 Main Document
~Util - Set Hearings
Jun 28, 2019 Main Document
Jul 8, 2019 240 Main Document

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