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Dream Games of AZ, et al v. PC Onsite LLC, et al, No. 2:03-cv-00433 (D. Ariz.)
Case Title: Dream Games of AZ, et al v. PC Onsite LLC, et al
Case Type: Civil Case
Court: U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona
Index Number(s): 2:2003cv433, 2:03-cv-00433, 2:03-cv-00433-DLR
Nature of Suit: Property Rights: Copyright
Judge: Douglas L Rayes
Case Opened: March 5, 2003
Case Closed March 30, 2007
Docket Entries
Date Filed Dkt # Entry Text
Nov 7, 2005 173 ORDER setting Settlement Conference for 1/4/2006 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 305, 401 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003 before Magistrate Judge David K. Duncan. Signed by Judge David K. Duncan on 11/7/05. (DKD)
Mar 24, 2016 541 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION that the Court grant the Application for Charging Order (Doc. 522 ). IT IS FURTHER RECOMMENDED that the Court issue the charging order in the form proposed by Judgment Creditor (Id. at 20-21). Signed by Magistrate Judge Eileen S Willett on 3/23/2016. (KMG)
Apr 18, 2016 542 ORDER that Magistrate Judge Willett's R&R, (Doc. 541 ), is ACCEPTED. FURTHER ORDERED that Judgment Creditor's Application for Charging Order, (Doc. 522 ), is GRANTED. IT IS FUTHER ORDERED that a charging order against the interest or inte rests of Judgment Debtor, Casey Hagon, in C&D Consulting LLC, a Texas limited liability company, is GRANTED and such interest or interests shall be charged with payment of the unsatisfied amount of the Judgment debt owing to Judgment Creditor, with i nterest thereon until paid. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that C&D Consulting, LLC shall provide Judgment Creditor with quarterly financial statements and an accounting of all disbursements to Judgment Debtor, or for the benefit of Judgment Debtor, within 21 days after the conclusion of each calendar quarter, from the date of this Order until the Judgment is fully satisfied. Such documents shall be mailed to Windtberg &Zdancewicz, PLC, 7551 S. Willow Dr., Suite 102, Tempe, Arizona 85283, or such other address as provided by Judgment Creditor. Signed by Judge Douglas L Rayes on 4/18/2016. (KMG)
Jul 16, 2018 554 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Apr 9, 2019 557 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Jul 11, 2019 558 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Oct 11, 2019 559 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Jan 17, 2020 560 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Apr 20, 2020 561 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Sep 30, 2020 562 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Nov 17, 2020 564 Main Document
Nov 17, 2020 565 Main Document
Additional Attachments to Main Document
Nov 19, 2020 566 Main Document
Writ Issued
Apr 27, 2021 567 Main Document
Application for Writ
Apr 28, 2021 568 Main Document
Writ of Garnishment
May 20, 2021 569 Main Document
Answer to Writ of Garnishment

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