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Decastro v. Norrell Corporation, No. 1:15-cv-00944 (S.D.N.Y.)
Case Title: Decastro v. Norrell Corporation
Case Type: Civil Case
Court: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Index Number(s): 1:2015cv944, 1:15-cv-00944, 1:15-cv-00944-RA-SN
Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Jobs
Judge: Ronnie Abrams
Magistrate Judge: Sarah Netburn
Case Opened: February 6, 2015
Case Closed January 10, 2019
Docket Entries
Date Filed Dkt # Entry Text
Jan 9, 2018 32 OPINION AN ORDER re: 30 MOTION to Amend/Correct 2 Complaint filed by Gregory Decastro. For the reasons explained above, the Court denies Plaintiff's motion for leave to amend. In light of Decastro's prose status, the Court exe rcises its discretion to do so without prejudice. If Decastro seeks to proceed with this action, he may file a renewed motion for leave to amend. Decastro must attach to his motion a proposed amended complaint that alleges facts sufficient to esta blish all the elements of his ADA and/or race-discrimination claims as explained above. See Davis, 804 F.3d at 235. The amended complaint must incorporate all of his proposed amendments, including any proposed changes to factual allegations, legal claims, and Defendant's identity. If Plaintiff chooses to file a motion for leave to amend and a proposed amended complaint, he must do so by February 9, 2018. The failure to file such a motion (along with the attached proposed amended complai nt) by that date will result in the dismissal of the case with prejudice. Plaintiff is once again advised that a legal clinic has opened in this District to assist people who are parties in civil cases and do not have lawyers. The Clinic is run by a private organization called the New York Legal Assistance Group; it is not part of, or run by, the Court (and, among other things, therefore cannot accept filings on behalf of the Court, which must still be made by any unrepresented party throug h the Pro Se Intake Unit). Enclosed is an information sheet with further information regarding the Clinic. The Clerk of Court is respectfully directed to terminate the motion pending at Docket No. 30. (As further set forth in this Order.) (Amended Pleadings due by 2/9/2018., Motions due by 2/9/2018.) (Signed by Judge Ronnie Abrams on 1/9/2018) (cf)
May 23, 2018 36 Main Document
Amended Complaint
May 25, 2018 37 Main Document
Order of Service
Jul 18, 2018 38 Main Document
Marshal's Process Receipt and Return of Service Executed Complaints
Jul 25, 2018 39 Main Document
Notice of Appearance
Jul 25, 2018 40 Main Document
Extension of Time to File Answer
Aug 14, 2018 42 Main Document
Appear Pro Hac Vice
Aug 22, 2018 44 Main Document
Aug 22, 2018 45 Main Document
Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion
Sep 4, 2018 46 Main Document
Summary Judgment
Sep 10, 2018 47 Main Document
Extension of Time to File Response/Reply
Sep 18, 2018 49 Main Document
Response in Support of Motion
Oct 4, 2018 50 Main Document
Notice (Other)
Oct 12, 2018 51 Main Document
~Util - Add and Terminate Attorneys
Jan 8, 2019 52 MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER: For the foregoing reasons, Defendant's motion to dismiss is granted with prejudice. The Clerk of the Court is respectfully requested to terminate the motions pending at Docket Numbers 44 & 46 and close this case. (Signed by Judge Ronnie Abrams on 1/8/2019) (jca) Transmission to Orders and Judgments Clerk for processing.
Sep 11, 2019 55 Main Document
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