Craig et al v. FedEx Ground Package System Inc

No. 3:05-cv-00530, Indiana Northern District Court

Last updated: Jun 26, 2021 15:30pm EDT

Case Title
Craig et al v. FedEx Ground Package System Inc
Docket Index Number
Date Opened
Aug 10, 2005
Date Closed
Mar 22, 2019
Case Type
Civil Case
Cause of Action
28:1441 Petition for Removal- Contract Dispute
Nature of Suit
Contract: Other
Robert L Miller, Jr
Magistrate Judge
Michael G Gotsch, Sr
Case Number
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Docket Sheet

Dkt # 7
Sep 27, 2005
OPINION AND ORDER denying any pending motion to stay and/or motion for enlargement of time in anticipation of the upcoming scheduling conference. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 9/27/05. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RL M-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00536-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3: 05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dkt # 15
Dec 20, 2005
OPINION AND ORDER : On December 9, 2005 the court gave notice to the parties of its proposal to close 3:05cv720 as an identical case to 3:05cv668. Ten days has passed without objection so the court now orders 3:05cv720 closed. This order has no impa ct on the legal rights of any party involved.. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 12/20/05. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05 -cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00536-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-0059 3-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00653-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00665-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dkt # 29
Sep 6, 2006
OPINION AND ORDER denying 306 Motion to Compel . Signed by Judge Christopher A Nuechterlein on 9/6/06. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM -CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:0 5-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00796-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00209-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00269-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00337-RLM,3:06-cv-00393-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00428-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00429-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dkt # 45
Dec 14, 2006
OPINION AND ORDER: Defendant's objection to the Magistrate Judge's ruling 369 is SUSTAINED IN PART and the Defendants' motion to compel 306 is GRANTED IN PART.. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller Jr on 12/14/06. Associated Cases: 3: 05-md-00527-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00390-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00528-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00529-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00531-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00532-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00533-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00534-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00535-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00537-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00 538-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00539-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00540-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00541-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00542-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00593-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00595-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00596-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00597-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00598-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00599-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00600-RLM- CAN,3:05-cv-00601-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00652-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00664-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00666-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00667-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00668-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00720-RLM-CAN,3:05-cv-00796-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00209-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00269-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00337-RLM,3:06-cv-00393-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00428-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00429-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00801-RLM-CAN,3:06-cv-00802-RLM-CAN(sdf, )
Dkt # 145
Aug 22, 2008
OPINION AND ORDER denying (1148) Motion for Reconsideration of the Magistrate's 4/4/08 order. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 8/22/08. (sdf) Modified on 8/26/2008 to add text (smp).
Dkt # 189
Jun 28, 2010
OPINION AND ORDER granting (1409 in 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN) MOTION for Partial Summary Judgment on Plaintiffs' ERISA Claim for Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies. Plaintiffs' ERISA claims are dismissed without prejudice with leave to re-file once named plaintiffs' administrative remedies under the ERISA plans are exhausted. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 6/28/10. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-CAN, 3:05-cv-00530-RLM-CAN(ksc)
Dkt # 253
Jun 19, 2017
OPINION AND ORDER: GRANTING 2862 Plaintiffs' unopposed motion for final approval of the Kansas class action settlement calling for payment of $15,900,000 to the plaintiffs; GRANTING IN PART the 2789 motion for attorney's fees and costs; and DISMISSING all claims, except the ERISA claim, with prejudice, specifically including the Released Claims with each party to bear its own costs and attorney's fees except as provided in the Opinion and Order. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 6/19/2017. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-MGG, 3:05-cv-00530-RLM-MGG(jld)
Dkt # 282
May 7, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 283
May 17, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 284
May 18, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 285
May 23, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 286
Jun 26, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 287
Jul 10, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 288
Aug 23, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 289
Aug 28, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 290
Sep 5, 2018
OPINION AND ORDER The plaintiffs' motion for preliminary approval of the proposed ERISA class action settlement ( 3152 in 3:05-md-00527-RLM-MGG, 269 in 3:05-cv-00530-RLM-MGG) is GRANTED as set forth in the Opinion and Order. A Fairness Hearing is set for 3/11/2019 at 9:30 AM (EDT) in South Bend. Signed by Judge Robert L Miller, Jr on 9/5/18. Associated Cases: 3:05-md-00527-RLM-MGG, 3:05-cv-00530-RLM-MGG(jld)
Dkt # 291
Sep 21, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 292
Dec 12, 2018
Docket Entry
Dkt # 295
Mar 4, 2019
Docket Entry
Dkt # 296
Mar 8, 2019
Docket Entry

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