Our Story

In 2011 we launched Caseflex, one of the first PACER automation tools to hit the market. Our users -- attorneys, law firm librarians, and restructuring professionals -- liked the concept but needed something different.
So we started over.
Over the next three years we built an entirely new application, tailored to feedback, and committed to three principles: Usability, Reliability, and Simplicity.


First, our users wanted to connect their own PACER accounts. Pass-through billing and pre-purchasing 'credits' for PACER transactions was simply too cumbersome.
We created a seamless experience that lets new users sign up and import a docket within minutes. All that's needed is a PACER account. No billing, no hassles.
Next, our users wanted complete control over the PACER requests we made on their behalf. PacerDash gives users the ability to customize the frequency and timing of docket updates. Every PACER transaction is logged for client billing purposes. Each user gets a separate silo for their purchased PACER data.
Finally, we designed collaboration tools for firms where a single librarian or paralegal must track hundreds of dockets on behalf of others. We gave users the ability to invite colleagues and clients to access dockets, purchase filings, and receive notifications. Invited members can use PacerDash even without a PACER login.


PACER itself comprises over 190 different servers utilizing various versions of the CM/ECF software. It can be notoriously inconsistent and unreliable.
Our backend PACER adapter, designed and built entirely in-house, is blazingly fast and nearly bulletproof. Our parsing algorithm has been backtested against hundreds of dockets utilizing data from every court. We wrote thousands of unit tests to cover every edge case imaginable. Our system can handle thousands of jobs concurrently and has processed over 100,000 docket items to date.
Data normalization is our mantra. We've spent countless hours wrestling with docket data in the abstract. By reducing data redundancy and improving data integrity, our system is ready to tackle PACER's total dataset of over one billion documents.


We started our journey with a simple goal: Reduce the number of clicks to access dockets on PACER.
We now do a lot more. But simplicity remains our founding principle. Every interaction is designed to give our users what they need quickly and efficiently.
Building PacerDash has, and continues to be, a labor of love. Help us improve by sending us feedback, comments, or feature requests. Our email is support@pacerdash.com.

Our Team

Rich Lee, Founder
Rich is an entrepreneur, attorney, and software developer. He has a deep passion for building elegant solutions to hard problems. He previously spent six years at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP specializing in digital media and copyright law. He is a graduate of Harvard University and NYU School of Law. You can reach him at rich@pacerdash.com.